Thursday, October 25, 2007

See what a teenager has to say about Nascar

This is Kahne Kutie and I am blogging about NASCAR. It is my favorite sport. It actually is the only sport I watch. There are so many reasons why I like it.

How I got into Nascar

I first started watching racing over a year ago. I went to the Gatorade Duels at Daytona in 2006. I really didn't know what I was going to, but ever since that race, I love it. That same year I also went to the Bass Pro Shops 500 in Atlanta. It was amazing. We got tickets to go to pit road and to Michael Waltrip's Hopitality tent. It was a lot of fun. He actually came to the tent, so it was pretty cool to see somebody famous. We got to walk up to the cars on pit road. I will never forget that race because that was my first real race. We try to go to one race a year. this year we recently went to the UAW/FORD 500 at Talladega on October 7 and that was fun. my favorite driver is Kasey Kahne. He seems so laidback. He is a very good driver, even though this year hasn't gone as planned. He is starting to make progress, so hopefully next year will be the year.

Why I Like Nascar

I like Nascar because I love the loudness of the engines. It is so exciting. They go really fast, and it is almost impossible to take a picture unless they are under caution. The smell of the rubber and fuel is pretty cool when you are at the races. It's also really fun to just talk to the rednecks around you. You never know what they will say. They are really funny.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my very first blog post and will continue to read them.

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