Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The best Christmas gifts for your NASCAR Fan

I am making a list of all the gifts I as a NASCAR fan would like. If you have a NASCAR fanatic in your family this is the list to look at! You can click on the link to take you to the page where to buy it at.

5. Always a great gift for a nascar fan is their favorite driver gear. As long as you know what driver they like, you are set to go. they have EVERYTHING. From toothbushes to recliners, refrigeraters to gumball machines, socks to laptop skins, they truly have ANYTHING!

4. One game I really want is a steering wheel game. You plug it into the t.v. and choose you car, number, and everything. then you play as if you were in the real race. It is a little bit expensive at $50 at this web site, but I have seen it in Target for less.

3. NASCAR Trackpass.
This is a service only available on It is a really cool thing that lets you listen in on the drivers and the crew chief. It lets you track your driver, which is a must have because we all know the announcers never talk about anybody until they wreck. They have the scanner, PitCommand, and RaceView. All of them are really cool. They run from $30-$80 a year.

2. NASCAR Tickets!
What could be better than tickets to a NASCAR race? I personally would like to go the Daytona 500, but any race is fine to buy tickets at. This will sure make your fan very happy!

1. NASCAR ride along
The only thing better than tickets to a nascar race is tickets to a NASCAR race AND tickets for the Richard Petty Driving Experience. This is the best gift of all. You get to ride OR drive a real racecar! How cool is that?! You must reserve your seat. and i will warn tickets are expensive but at this time of year they are on sale. They have a sale going on now where tickets for a ride-along are only $59, so if this is what you want you better get it now! Regular prices are pretty expensive. For example at Atlanta Motor Speedway tickets range from $399-$2,599. But once they open this present up it will be something they will never forget. this will truly be the ride of a lifetime.

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Vicki A. Davis said...

This is a great list! Also, remember to use your Technorati tags and tagging it for NASCAR. Wonderful list!